Squids Ink Live Wallpaper Hd

Squids Ink Live Wallpaper Hd

Squids Ink Live Wallpaper Hd

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On a winter sunset, relax to waves and twinkling stars.

We proudly present 'Sunset Bridge HD Live wallpaper' which will take you to an evening winter night with a starry sunset, watching waves gently roll by.
The location of Sunset Bridge HD live wallpaper is San Francisco Bay. It features a combination of beautiful 2D art and smooth animations which are perfectly optimised, allowing you to have a beautiful live wallpaper without worrying about your battery life.

- Smooth 60 fps 2D animation with beautiful 2D art.
- Extremely low battery cost.
- Pleasing color scheme for a wallpaper. Don't get irritated by glaring, strong colors!
- Reacts to your touch and drag actions.
- Layout automatically adapts to the screen size of your device. Perfectly fit for all devices.
- No heavy 3D engine, optimised on native C++. Will not affect performance of your device.
Don't forget to check out and download our game "Squids Ink." It is just a lot more of this awesomeness. You can find it here at: 'link'. Thanks for supporting Indie development. Please keep an eye on us! 'Facebook link'

The Pantz Team

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